About Bebook

Bebook is a mobile library for children supported by a group of volunteers who have dedicated their time to bringing books and the practice of reading to underprivileged children. We do this on a weekly basis, by way of our mobile library van. We visit small schools, institutions providing residential care to disadvantaged children and also other places where the population has little or no access to books. Bebook aims to encourage reading as fun, and not just an educational activity. In order to run the projects we rely on donations of books, art and craft materials, volunteers’ time and of course, funds to operate the mobile library.

Bebook was registered as a trust on 13th February 2012
(80G Registration No: F.No.CIT/PNJ/40-8/20/80G/2012-13).




is an actor/dancer. She has been working with children widening their horizons through books, music, dance & films and has been a founder volunteer with Bebook.


Managing Trustee of Bebook, runs Literati an independent Bookstore in Goa. She practised as a lawyer in Delhi, focussing on Women's Rights and Human Rights. She has worked with various NGOs and is currently a Trusteee of Samvada, Bangalore which works with youth on various issues.



is a Barrister (Inner Temple) who relocated to India from Malaysia and the UK. She currently lives in Delhi and is certified to teach English (CELTA by the British Council). She is volunteering part time teaching underprivileged children English at Sanskruti. She has also taught young adults English at the NGO Manzil.


BINA KAPUR: Bina Kapur started her career as a school teacher after which she has worked in the field of manufacturing, sales, travel etc. She has now come full circle with the Bebook programme.

FARAH VAKIL: Farah Vakil is a naturalist and social and environmental activist who currently live in Goa. She works on early education for underprivileged children through rural libraries and performing arts.

FREESIA MEHTA: has been volunteering with many schools visits. love towards books and children encouraged her to volunteer.

INDRANI GHOSE: worked as VP Technology at Oberoi Hotels and is now retired and settled in Goa. She decided to volunteer with Bebook as she believes that creating the reading habit in the younger generation is much needed in this digital age.

JANETTE HUGHES HARDIN: Janette Hughes Hardin has volunteered at many schools and organizations with children in Goa.

JENNIFER MIRZA: Jennifer Mirza has worked in advertising, script research and production for films, documentaries and TV programs.

JULIA NAZARETH: has been living in Goa for 2 years. The good work of Bebook got her interested in volunteering. And she has been enjoying the journey by visiting schools and coming up with different ideas to make the children fall in love with books.

KANCHAN GATWARD: born in Kenya, Ex Bank Official. Retired and enjoying life in Goa. Hobbies include cooking, reading, knitting and making Christmas decorations.

MARIE ABRAHAM: has been a Teacher retired and her love for teaching children got her into Bebook.

MARIOLA MARTINS: has been working with, Literati The book shop owned by our Trustee Diviya.

PAUL GATWARD: born in the UK residing in Goa, Ex Operation Manager for a Bank. Final job in Lagos, Nigeria. Ex semi-pro Referee, loves playing football. Paul has taken the initiative to teach football to the children during the Bebook visits to the school.

RENUKA GILBERT: Renuka Gilbert was a successful manufacturer and exporter in an earlier life. She feels strongly and emotionally for those deprived on any front and therefore gives a helping hand through charity work.

SHERREE CARLOS: is a practicing foot Refloxogist. Who lives in Goa, Consultant to the Concern India Foundation and on the advisory board of Sutradhar, an NGO focussed on early childhood learning.

VANITA BIYANI: has been living in Goa for 10yrs. She enjoys reading and loves children, which led her to volunteer with Bebook.


We believe that a book really does have the potential to change a life. By giving access to books to be read for pleasure, imagination and creative potential can be unlocked. Often children associate books only with academics and they don’t have exposure to the wonder of storybooks. By giving children from underprivileged backgrounds the opportunity to “have a book of their own” for 1 week, they learn to respect and take care of the book, they learn that reading can also be a pleasure and not only a “chore”. When the book is returned, we aim to check comprehension and their education benefits as a result.


Minimal Operating Costs
We currently have 2 part time employees in the organization and a part time driver for the mobile library van. The work is inclusive of administration, organizing the volunteers for each project, keeping fundraisers and partners abreast of the Trust’s activities and assisting in the organization of fundraising events.