Our Outreach Centres

Our outreach centres vary in infrastructure. The mobile library goes to government schools, church schools, and even just under the biggest tree we can find in the case of certain villages.

Bebook has built up a library of donated books, art materials and other workshop materials. Using the Bebook mobile library, the volunteers donate their time and skills to conduct reading workshops at the various institutions and villages.

The reading workshops are structured so as to explore and teach language; introduce various aspects of knowledge and information and also impart values through the reading process, while enabling disadvantaged children to get familiar with books and to become reading-friendly. Some art, theatre and film related activities are also carried on in conjunction with the readings to make the process a more participative one and to test and build on comprehension and memory skills.

Here is a list of our centres:-

Spandan School
(Run by an independent trust)

Spandan School is an afterschool established in 2007 for the purpose of helping out Children with learning and other disabilities. The School is run by Dr. Marita Adam who is a Doctor by profession. Bebook visits Spandan School every alternate week with the mobile library.

Chimbel Union High School

Chimbel Union High School is a municipal school near Panjim. Due to the lack of infrastructure, we used to have our Reading sessions outside the premises but in the monsoons we have the sessions inside the classroom. There are regular story telling sessions and art activities. We have also started screening films here, which the whole school has come to attend. The children here eagerly await the van's arrival every Wednesday.

Joshwado Primary School

Joshwado Primary School is a very small school with one gracious young teacher who takes all subjects in one room with all of them. Bebook volunteers conduct regular story telling sessions and various workshops focusing on various subjects including environmental awareness. They enjoy reading our books and look forward to library visits every Tuesday.

Our Lady School

Our Lady School has students who can read and write well, so a lot more attention is paid on storytelling and writing. The volunteers have guided the children immensely on their creative and imaginative calibre by often conducting story writing and brainstorming sessions. The children continue to receive these sessions with delight and enthusiasm and look forward to the library’s visit every Tuesday.

Don Bosco School, Parra

Don Bosco School is a residential school situated at Parra. There are around forty five boys who reside at the premises and Bebook Children's Mobile Library visits them on every alternate Saturday. The children at Don Bosco School are interested in various books such as comics, sport books, encyclopedias etc. Each and every week the children come up with new requests for books based on their interests and Bebook volunteers make sure that the children find the book they are looking for.

Orlim Village
A village in South Goa

Bebook visits Orlim on alternate Saturdays each month with the lending library. The local Panchayat contacted us, when the Sarpanch heard about the work we do, asking us to visit the village. We felt that this was an opportunity to reach rural children who would not have easy access to books.


Children from the neighbourhood of Calangute visit the library on every Tuesday. The library has been very helpful to them with a lot of reference books that provide them with a load of information which they use for different assignments and projects at their respective Schools. They are also very fond of the various board games in the library and often after exchanging their books they spend some time playing before going back home.


Bebook visits a part of the Acron construction site at Candolim on every alternate Monday. The children here are aged between 4-6 and have their parents working at the construction site. They’ve been provided with a small space near the site where a teacher has been appointed to take care of the children. Bebook along with its volunteers help the children with the basics of language and reading. They take along with them a lot of beginner’s story books and toys and make sure the children get an atmosphere of an actual classroom.